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We deliver reports every month rank updates, statistics, and everything else relevant. We make sure we are ahead of the SEO curve and will let you konw about important industry updates as well such as algorithm updates.
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All of our SEO and Social Media services are strictly done in house. We DO NOT cut corners or do shady black hat tactics. Our team proudly performs all the work for the services we offer.
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Ger Giffney Owner & Founder at Vantage Elite

When you need to select an SEO Company you have to be cautious with which company you eventually choose to work with. There is a huge stake in your business you are putting out there. Time is not on your side when it comes to the online visibility of your website in the search engines. For every day that your website is not ranked on top of page one of the search engines your competition is silently taking your customers and revenue from your business.

We want to make it easier on you for selecting the right SEO services and ultimately the perfect SEO company for you. The tips below are really good guidelines to follow and help weed out unprofessional and shady SEO firms.

Your Company Revenue and Size

When searching for an SEO Company make sure they offer their clients a range of price points for businesses not only of different sizes but different revenues as well.  The reason is SEO is so vastly different for every business and industry. This is why we do not offer fixed pricing packages. If you someone offers SEO services with pricing structures  or hourly rates they are not analyzing your specific business or industry to see what it would really take and cost to rank your website.

Customer Service

When looking for an SEO Company, you really want to research them and make sure they have a good track record of customer relations. The last thing you want is a company that is impossible to get a hold of when you have questions or need an update. A quick check is to see if the SEO Agency you are looking into has had any press. For example we have been featured in leading publications such as CNN. In addition, check the SEO companies social profiles. Make sure they are active on social media. This is a great indicator they will be responsive to your requests. We have a team of writers who writes our social media content.

Keyword Optimization

Website ranking for relevant keywords in the future, the keywords you currently have and the ranking results you are getting need to be taken into consideration. This is important to properly optimize your content on your website. Neglecting this can trigger over-optimization and trigger a penalty. When signing up with us we give you an in depth keyword analysis.

Pulling the Trigger

Search engine optimization is a race. The faster your website climbs up the search engine ranks the quicker you gain control over your competition. This is the core factor for a fast ROI. Organic traffic from top rankings in search engines is simply the proven internet marketing strategy over and over again. This is why we do SEO.

Paying the right price

Search engine optimization is a lot of work. Keep in mind that doing all this analysis and research takes up a tremendous amount of time. Everybody knows time is money. So if you are looking into an SEO Agency and they are willing to charge you a really low fee. This is should be a major red flag. Also, getting a really high quote is a sign that they are too busy or have wishful thinking. At Nouvo we charge a fair rate for our SEO services.

Link Strategies

One of the most important aspects when you are looking for an SEO Agency is a solid link strategy. You need links to get trust to your website. If a SEO company does not bring up a solid link building especially getting local citations. Getting local citations is crucial for ranking in your city for the keywords that are most relevant to your business.  This is one of the first things we do with our SEO services.

Results Driven

At the end of the day it all comes down to getting your website on the first page of search engines for relevant keywords. If an SEO company you are working with isn’t focused on getting you results than it will be impossible to see an ROI. This is why so many companies turn to Nouvo Marketing as their SEO agency. We simply execute what we say we will do.


Hopefully these tips will guide you in your selection of an adequate search engine optimization company. There is so much to gain by using search engine optimization by increasing the exposure to targeted leads in the search engines. By selecting us as your SEO company we can start moving your website from the back to the top of the search engines. You will start seeing steady movement from day one.

The bottom line is if your website is not at the top of page one on Google for products. You are simply handing over revenue to your competitors who are ahead of you. The internet is the new phonebook of years ago. If people are looking you up and can’t find you. They are finding  your competitors and using them instead of your business.

We can help your generate more revenue and start moving your website up the search engines as soon as you are ready. Fill out the Launch Form so we can receive the necessary information we need to analyze your business and develop a solid strategy. You can call us today at 702-608-0005 to get started today.

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